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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome Back to a New Name IN Second Life Breedable Places

   Hello you may have noticed the name change cause my dad and I are now orphans !  So Lets my sisters have that name I helped with building to no avail.   We are now Lil Bad's Dog Pound  from this point on. Seeing all the writing and pictures are mine I reserve the right to change whatever I wish.  

       I was trying to show people that dropping prices cause you do nothing but go to and auction where there are not the buyers you need to buy your animals but this is not and easy task. There is a large amount of newer breeders and they do not trait animals up, they do not make designer dogs they basically buy le's and other dogs and than dump them back into the market cheaper than what they bought the original for cause sell three at a third of the price they made there money back ... This is killing the market ! Yes I said it and yes I mean it.    Some dogs should be birthed and hh period  that's all they are good for and its part of how this game works !  If people cannot understand that well the markets going to have issues.  There are whole markets that are practicing under the puppy mill status at this point and when they get a good dog they drop the price constantly rather than use the animal groups to get buyers to there market.  Its sad there are older breeders that are leaving due to this reason and I cannot blame them.

    I have been called price police as well a few other choice names for trying to help keep the market active and viable ... Many of the puppymill people will only buy under priced dogs, don't get me wrong we have to have buyers but these people will not buy at fair market value and as soon as they have your trait-ed up breed they kick out 5 more pups no traits or anything added and flood at a quarter of the price you sold them to them at !  Again that is killing a market that a few months back had a back bone.  At this point that backbones made of rubber and it causing many to have to either stop breeding or just breed and animal or two !  If Offended you in anyway with my posts remember that there are many that understand what I am saying and agree that is the reason I started writing in the first place. If you are offended than maybe you are one of the offenders.  Maybe you should HH some of your low trait-ed animals and birth a few from the next generation. It can be easily done where you get the last bundle of the one being in HH phase and the other birthed higher trait animal is getting the maturity to breed. I mean this is not too hard to understand and if you need help message a breeder htat does understand this. Do not grumble and mumble about how you cannot be told how to raise animals here just to feel superior with a false superiority concept. Sure you may raise real animals most people on earth have.  Sure you may be a great breeder in real life but would you sell your runts and the sick ones   ( these would be very low trait dogs )  To everyone you meet and expect them to by there next family friend from you ?   Maybe make a designer dog   ?  and in that case are you going to sell the one that did not make the cut  ?  It is not fully designed its a genetic defect you HH that one not sell it cheap cause well maybe your traits are lurking in the back ground and now two pups down the road and they are selling your designer dog for nothing .... It is only common sense.  That all being said I leave with my designer dog for the contest.. 

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