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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome Back to a New Name IN Second Life Breedable Places

   Hello you may have noticed the name change cause my dad and I are now orphans !  So Lets my sisters have that name I helped with building to no avail.   We are now Lil Bad's Dog Pound  from this point on. Seeing all the writing and pictures are mine I reserve the right to change whatever I wish.  

       I was trying to show people that dropping prices cause you do nothing but go to and auction where there are not the buyers you need to buy your animals but this is not and easy task. There is a large amount of newer breeders and they do not trait animals up, they do not make designer dogs they basically buy le's and other dogs and than dump them back into the market cheaper than what they bought the original for cause sell three at a third of the price they made there money back ... This is killing the market ! Yes I said it and yes I mean it.    Some dogs should be birthed and hh period  that's all they are good for and its part of how this game works !  If people cannot understand that well the markets going to have issues.  There are whole markets that are practicing under the puppy mill status at this point and when they get a good dog they drop the price constantly rather than use the animal groups to get buyers to there market.  Its sad there are older breeders that are leaving due to this reason and I cannot blame them.

    I have been called price police as well a few other choice names for trying to help keep the market active and viable ... Many of the puppymill people will only buy under priced dogs, don't get me wrong we have to have buyers but these people will not buy at fair market value and as soon as they have your trait-ed up breed they kick out 5 more pups no traits or anything added and flood at a quarter of the price you sold them to them at !  Again that is killing a market that a few months back had a back bone.  At this point that backbones made of rubber and it causing many to have to either stop breeding or just breed and animal or two !  If Offended you in anyway with my posts remember that there are many that understand what I am saying and agree that is the reason I started writing in the first place. If you are offended than maybe you are one of the offenders.  Maybe you should HH some of your low trait-ed animals and birth a few from the next generation. It can be easily done where you get the last bundle of the one being in HH phase and the other birthed higher trait animal is getting the maturity to breed. I mean this is not too hard to understand and if you need help message a breeder htat does understand this. Do not grumble and mumble about how you cannot be told how to raise animals here just to feel superior with a false superiority concept. Sure you may raise real animals most people on earth have.  Sure you may be a great breeder in real life but would you sell your runts and the sick ones   ( these would be very low trait dogs )  To everyone you meet and expect them to by there next family friend from you ?   Maybe make a designer dog   ?  and in that case are you going to sell the one that did not make the cut  ?  It is not fully designed its a genetic defect you HH that one not sell it cheap cause well maybe your traits are lurking in the back ground and now two pups down the road and they are selling your designer dog for nothing .... It is only common sense.  That all being said I leave with my designer dog for the contest.. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Breeding K9 's and Having Puppies and Pets in Second Life ~ Amaretto Breedable K-9 's or Biobreeds

  This is the next in a series of posts about breeding pets, animals and specifically the K9's or Puppies from Amaretto Breedables. Though some of this can apply to biobreeds as well because they do have traits, the market value compared to that Amaretto K9's is not nearly as strong and there are much fewer options and less traits. Plus with Amaretto's you can breed multiple dogs to one male and as well to different breeds of the dogs rather only being able to breed a dobie to dobie or a rottie to a rottie. This makes a huge difference in the markets and in my opinion is the reason that Amaretto's K-9's hold a much stronger market.  First off you want to keep your lines or pedigrees clean when possible. We could say pure but clean is a better way of putting it, and even with a clean line you can always get a new random drop. As well when you are breeding in a new trait whether it is a paw warmer a dipped ear or a old trait like a paw polish or collar you might need to use a different breed because it would end up costing to much to get a stud with the correct breed or that there just are not any. This being said I keep my lines as clean as possible rather than a cage full of dogs  that are just jumping on each other. But in the case of new breeds of dogs you will see that when introduced they have much fewer traits to start, so these animals need to be traited up via assorted ways. One way is to keep breeding new generations and adding new trait slots when possible and as well new generations often bring in a new trait slot as well where currently there are over 13 available with 6 null spots which will make your Amaretto k9 worth more as well. I will write more about trait slots later but just by adding generations via breeding your animals will pass traits that breed in more easily as well as increase your animals trait slots ( in he horses you can have 25 trait slots and you never know when they will add the next one to dogs like the wing trait spot that was just added to the chickens.) Yes they add new traits and slots in all the Amaretto animals and you just never know what it will be next.

          Now as I mentioned sometimes its just not possible to find a stud in the same coat or breed, so you basically have to either breed a female to the stud with the trait or well you just cannot get that trait in your line of animals. Now this means sometimes that people have to birth numerous kennels to find a male and that is why prices on the Amaretto dogs are more for a stud or male. Its not uncommon to pay double or triple for a male of the same breed as a female ... and if it has new traits that are just released than he should be at the very least 4 or 5 times more than a female typically. I say and stress this because a newly trait-ed male will pass that trait 4 times more per week if you are doping or juicing your males.  For example the females are ready to go about once a week and by next week 7 days again she has had a puppy and has recovered, while your male has than been able to impregnate 3 other females.    But again your animals are only as good as the parents you choose for them.  I will cover pricing of the k9's as well horses and barnyard birds also on this blog also over and over the next month so anyone new to the breeding gets a better idea of how to price your animals and so the market stays strong.   This fair market value has became and issue where some people that are new do not understand how to price the animals they have at auctions or on the markets available. There as well have been some less adored breeders from other animal kingdoms with egocentric ways that really think that they are here to just run the market on pets. They tell you what animal lovers they are yet run virtual puppy mills and cannot really pay for it all and want to make a quick buck. So what do they do ??? They breed a ton of animals than dump and flood the markets of different breeds and le's and traits because they are trying to make the lindens back they spent while being greedy, egomaniacal jerks telling you they are one of the top breeders.  Hey if you do not sell a dog at one auction because you do not have a few high end buyers there than it does not mean cut your price in half at the next dog auction.   As well just because you bred so many hundreds of pairs of dogs does not make you special when you do this every month and kill the market value for those of us that are not chronic hoarders and came here to have fun.  Yes you know who you are and well funny you can argue with a little kid avatar and your only response to over 10 justified questions ... is that sl is a free market virtual world and I can do what I want. Funny as well when you went to a person at Amaretto to cry about the ones that stood up to this you lied about the pricing as well that you wanted to put that animal up for and than act stupid after it is all over. But anyway .. most of the people in the breedables market like to have fun and get a fair market value for breeding pets in second life there are a few you will run into that are  more than just a piece of funky work...    As well these are not the type of people I would buy a real life puppy from unless I was just trying to rescue it. 

In my last post I mentioned way to help with the market also, from when you get the new drops and not flooding the markets to when you get a new breed or trait.  Also always to be sure to keep your lines clean and as well maybe put some time in project dogs when you can. Plus sending your less generation dogs off to puppy heaven and getting the points for them rather than selling the animal dirt cheap just so you can move on to the next breed. Remember I am only saying this cause if you want new breeders and pet lovers to come in and buy pets from you than there has to be a sustainable market to do so. Even the kennels that are extremely common you can birth and than send them to puppy heaven for haven points towards a paradise pound puppy !    I would like to say that I am in no way or form affiliated with Amaretto other than breeding the great dogs that have made for us in Second Life.  I have talked to most of the people that work for them and I appreciate the hard work they do for us here in Second Life and I know most of the other breeders do as well. I will be holding a class weekly to help new breeders and pet owners to better understand the K9s and other animals also but for most part we will focus on the Amaretto dogs and it will be free so I would like you to come join us after I announce this sometime later this week.  My next post will be more about how to price your animals and what traits can help your animals market value as well how to figure out what to sell your traited animals for.